Since this is my first post on this blog, I decided to do a little introduction of myself. I go by the name ‘rayes’ online. Of course, that isn’t my actual name, just a pseudonym. You can find some general stuff about me and this site on the About page. As that already exists and you can read it there, I will (try) and not repeat myself too much and will mostly be going into more detail about how exactly I got into privacy and linux.

During the school year, I didn’t do what most other kids my age did. I wasn’t on social media (not the popular ones anyway), I didn’t ‘hang out’ on evenings or try to be a ‘cool kid’. Looking back, I was probably looked down upon by many of the kids at school because of that. Instead of doing these things, I mostly stayed at home pursuing my interests, which I found to be more rewarding.

As I said on the about page, I am super passionate about a lot of things. I love trying out new things and I can see myself doing basically anything for fun. This is probably what led to my curiosity about the human mind and learning. In my free time when I am not busy with school, I would browse endless articles on productivity, the human brain, and (what got me fascinated the most), memory.

This is also what led to me discovering things like anki, a spaced repitition program I highly recommmend, and what led me to start bullet journaling.

I discovered my interest in linux sometime along the way as well. I came to it originally for its customizability. I wanted a better looking and more efficient desktop, and after seeing some screenshots, I think the UNIX family was what I was looking for.

Of course I was still a tech noob back then, having only used windows my whole life. I ran into a lot of problems which I didn’t understand. However, I think I have some kind of OCD inside of me where I never give up on anything that I pursue out of curiousity, and so I didn’t give up on linux. After dual booting with my windows installation for a couple months, I permanently switched to linux as a full time OS.

Im glad I did and I am never going back.

That was three years ago. Around that time, I also gained in interest into how my privacy was being invaded by closed source software, the NSA, and the so called, ‘Big Five’. However, I, like many others, thought that I had nothing to hide and that it would be all good.

When I learned that this was not the case (because everyone has things that they are not comfortable with others looking at), I made the fateful decision to scrap all my previous online habits which I had kept for years, and start anew with only open source software and privacy respecting services. and the youtube channel ‘The Hated One’ (don’t worry, I watched it on Invidious) really helped me here.

And thus, in the course of around three months, I went from linux and privacy noob to, well, not too much of a noob. I still had a long way though.

Anyways, so that was a brief story of how I got into linux and open source. I would like to talk about my many other interests in the future. I don’t know how many times throughout my process of writing this I thought, “Hmm, I should do a post on that in the future.” Its probably just the novelty of starting a new blog though.

If you made it here, thank you. I currently use no analytics on my site, so I will probably never know (unless you tell me directly via the Fediverse or email), but I didn’t create this site to get famous or anything, so I suppose I wouldn’t care even if I knew. By that, I don’t mean I don’t care about you (of course I do), I just mean that I don’t care whether or not this site becomes popular. Of course you are welcome to contact me and I will do my best to get back to you.

This post was just intended as a story for how I got into linux and a general overview of me. Its more for me to just organize some of my thoughts for this blog. For those wondering if I will be following a schedule, I intend to write almost every day, at least 5 posts a week. It may be too optimistic, but whats the fun of life if you aren’t given a challenge?